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English Premier League 29/12/2010

Highlights Video : EPL LIVERPOOL 0 - 1 WOLVES
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Bad Thadd said...

One word - PATHETIC

Bad Thadd said...

Honestly, what were we doing in a 4-4-2 formation? We have Gerrard back, and Miereles and Lucas have been solid in midfield together. Why don't we slot Gerrard in behind Torres and leave N'Gog out of the lineup. Jovanovic or Shelvey needs a chance on the wing for the meantime. Why not stick with 4-5-1. We had no control in midfield.

More importantly, where was the effort? Where was the hustle? Where was our pride?

Anonymous said...

sorry Bad Thadd. I feel your pain but you have to understand that

1) Gerrard thinks his favorite position is in the midfield. The spanish waiter had this stupid idea of thinking Gerrard just behind Torres was a good thing.

2) The local boys needed a man-manager, someone to wrap his hands around them and make them feel wanted.

3) Drag Kuyt to the left, and throw Raul on the right. Drop Maxi and slot Joe Cole in CM. Yeah that should be a title-winning team.

4) Better start praying that we dont get relegated.

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